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How to Request a Training

Please contact FAIR Girls at and write “training request” in your email subject line.

FAIR Girls provides specialized training and technical assistance to organizations and institutions that want to provide their professionals with the knowledge and tools to understand and address domestic human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, child labor trafficking, and trauma-informed care. To date, FAIR Girls has provided training to public high school teachers, medical professionals at local children’s hospitals, local law enforcement, U.S. Embassy staff, social workers, foster care parents and foster care placement agencies, faith-based and university groups, and more.

Who Should Attend a FAIR Girls Training?

  • Law Enforcement personnel
  • Child welfare agencies and social work professionals
  • Educators and youth service agency employees
  • Legal service agencies and lawyers
  • Medical and mental health professionals
  • Community based groups
  • University students

What Should You Expect Following A FAIR Girls Training?

  • Trainees will have an understanding of the human side domestic human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC)
  • Trainees will gain a critical understanding of what human trafficking and CSEC look like…and what they don’t look like
  • Understanding and deconstruction of unproductive myths around domestic human trafficking and stereotypes about victims
  • Law enforcement officials will gain skills in identifying warning signs, enforcing local and federal anti trafficking laws in their jurisdiction, and effectively utilizing local social service agencies who can act as referrals to provide survivor-centered, trauma-informed specialized services while they focus on arresting and investigating the traffickers
  • Trainees will gain knowledge and advice on how to create an effective anti-trafficking or prevention education programs and policies in their own agencies and organizations
  • Service providers and professionals will gain specialized skills in how to better identify signs of trafficking and CSEC, know how to safely intervene and support youth and adult survivors with their accessing the services they need for their recovery and empowerment

What is the Time Commitment?

A FAIR Girls training can be tailored to the needs of each agency. Our trainings range between one hour and two days, depending on the needs and size of the audience. We will work with you to ensure your needs are met and time constraints are respected.

FAIR Girls training materials have specialized content specific to educators, law enforcement personnel, lawyers, social workers and child welfare agency employees, Embassy personnel, and medical and mental health practitioners including effective strategies for investigating, interviewing and prosecuting sex trafficking and domestic trafficking cases, trafficking specific trauma and medical/mental health assessment and care.

How Much Does a Training Cost?

FAIR Girls is committed to working with organizations to provide cost-effective and occasional pro bono training options. We are also willing to partner with organizations who wish to apply for funding to support training initiatives.

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