Our Mission

Ending human trafficking one life at a time through survivor-centered and trauma-informed services, prevention, and advocacy.

FAIR Girls provides intervention and holistic care to female survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children. Through prevention education and policy advocacy, FAIR Girls also works to eradicate human trafficking and reduce systematic barriers to survivors’ healing and empowerment. FAIR Girls is located in Washington, D.C.

Since our founding in 2003, FAIR Girls has served well over 1,450 girls and young women, providing safe housing, client-centered, trauma-informed direct services, and the life skills they need to transition from victim to survivor. FAIR Girls’ mission is deeply rooted in reducing the barriers faced by young women and girls being trafficked and assisting them, not only in safely liberating themselves, but also in having the skills, resources and support they need to remain free.

Over the years FAIR Girls has made great strides in identifying and helping close the “on-ramps” into exploitation and trafficking — through our prevention education curriculum and community outreach and training programs — while increasing access to the “exit-ramps” from exploitation — through age-appropriate, specialized direct services, safe transitional housing, advocacy and support.

Our Values


Compassion literally means to “suffer together”. It is the ability to offer mercy to a person that is facing adversity and to be strongly motivated to help. It is to feel a connection with someone that is enduring suffering and to offer relief while suspending any judgment on that person’s character or behavior.


To promote or facilitate another person’s self-actualization. Empowerment equips or supplies another person with the ability to identify their own strengths and capacity for change. Through this process an individual may take ownership of their life outcomes.


To give esteem for or recognize the dignity, worth, and excellence inherent in every person. A respectful person gives deference to the innate rights, privileges, qualities, and abilities of everyone. Respect is the intentional behavior to acknowledge and extend proper courtesy and acceptance to every individual.


The firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, and competence of each staff member and survivor. To place confidence in the present abilities, behaviors, and positions of your coworkers and our young survivors.


The daily exercise of elegance in decisions, behaviors, and treatment of others. Grace is the ability to maintain a disposition of kindness and to consistently act to benefit and serve others. It is to remain poised and dependable in challenges and to offer wisdom and support through servant leadership.

Strengths-based Approach

FAIR Girls believes that there are strengths and resources to be discovered in every individual. A strengths-based approach acknowledges self-determination and that all clients and staff are experts of their own situations and should be engaged as partners in our work.  We believe that positive change can be made by identifying and enhancing a person’s skills, interests, and support systems.

Andrea Powell, Founder – FAIR Girls

FAIR Girls was co-founded in 2003 by Andrea Powell and Caroline Tower Morris to help provide long-term therapeutic interventions, including safe housing, for exploited and trafficked young women and girls. In 2014, Andrea led the FAIR Girls’ team to create and open the only safe home for young survivors of human trafficking in the nation’s capital area. Andrea has led crisis response teams where she assisted law enforcement and other frontline responders in finding and recovering survivors of human trafficking who were later offered safety and supportive services. Currently, Andrea is the founding president of Karana Rising and a private consultant, based in Washington, DC.

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