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FAIR Girls Virtual Fundraiser and Silent Auction

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of trafficking survivors!

Our fundraiser page is still open and we are still welcoming donations.

Replay Fundraiser

If you missed our live fundraiser on June 3rd, please click the Play button below to watch a replay of it to learn about the work we do to help trafficking survivors become FAIR – FREE. AWARE. INSPIRED. RESTORED.

We also have video messages from FAIR Girls supporters in our community, including Washington, DC Attorney General Karl Racine and Dr. Lucy McBride, as well as a beautiful musical performance and message of support by singer/songwriter Teneia.

In addition, we have a message of inspiration, healing, and hope from a brave and resilient survivor. We are also proud to bring you video greetings from our FAIR Girls Staff and Executive Board.

FAIR Girls needs your support now more than ever!

Your generous support today will help provide funds to allow us to continue to provide critical services, programs and support to survivors of trafficking. Any donation amount helps and is greatly appreciated! Please join us in the fight to end human trafficking. Please donate today. Thank you for your time and for your generous support.


FAIR Girls would like to thank the following sponsors for their kind generosity and support of our virtual fundraiser:


Christine and Jonathan Terrell
Skip and Pam (Parsons) Gault
Hilton Effect Foundation
Diana and Roland Reynolds
Joe & Kara Petrosinelli
Jane Dana & David Aufhauser
Gilbert LLP


Cheryl and Dave Battan
Jennifer Morrow
Beth & Graham McLaughlin
Monroe Energy
Jennifer Han
Ann Fowler
Frank C Marino Family Foundation
Joseph Gawler’s Sons, LLC
All American Intelligent Solutions, Inc
Jason Mann
Erin & Stephen Andrews
Patrice & Jim Sullivan
Tom Selby
Samuel Swift


Julianne Paunescu
Edward Bennett
Michelle Joubran
Cindy Jones
Bruce & Donna Genderson
Steve & Blair Raber
Judy Bishop
Jeniffer Roberts
David Owen & Dianne Bruning
Ann & David Kendall


Diane Scholl
Jeannie Stoval Musselwhite
Alan Benjamin
Julie Billingsley
Margarita Prieto
Janice Degarmor
Lex Ford
Polly Snydor
Avery Miller
Laura Griffin
Dr. Jill Bruno (Bruno Smiles)
Julia Hanks
Cara Hur
Gayle Trotter
Kimberly Holland
Kathy Campanella
Joyce Longmire
Martha Webb
Linda Willard
Samara Focx
Susan Brooks
Althea Harlin
Marika Meyer
Phoebe Peterson
Tayla Tahi

Thank you!

FAIR Girls would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who helped make this fundraiser a reality. Thank you so much for your support of FAIR Girls!

Karl Racine, Attorney General of Washington, DC
A Resilient Survivor of Human Trafficking – for sharing her journey with FAIR Girls
Dr.Lucy McBride

FAIR Girls Executive Board

Erin Andrews, Executive Director
Kami Quinn, Board Chair
Cheryl Battan
Patrice Sullivan
Jeniffer M. De Jesus Roberts
DeShaun Wise Porter
Alexandra-Nicole Senyi de Nagy-Unyom
Christine Terrell
Pamela Parsons
Libby Mullin
Jasbir (Jesse) K. Bawa
Andre Lane Jr.
Diana Reynolds

FAIR Girls Staff

Erin Andrews
Dawanna Kennedy
Keegan Collier
Devyn Brown
Tiffany Carty
Annette Rounsaville-Cooks
Kiana Kringel
KJ Holmes
Courtney McCrimmon
Krystal King
Jewel Wright
Stacy Bailey
Kimberly Crawford
Jennifer Longmire-Wright

FAIR Girls would like to thank the following for all of their hard work and support:

Shane Hedges, MC
Jonathan Terrell, KCIC
Flannery Goldberg, KCIC
Kelsey Varner, KCIC
Christine Terrell, KCIC
Andrea Palombella, Doxology Media
Mike Sargent, Earthcare Technologies
Bob Kanner
Justin Kanner
Rebecca Burton, Rebecca Burton Video
Dana Glover, Silent Auction Pro
Silent Auction Pro
Ashley Ludlow, Graphic Design
Erika Femne, Social Media Intern
David Wells, Communications Intern
Linsay Sarfo, Communications Intern

FAIR Girls Fundraiser Planning Committee

Christine Terrell, Chair
Erin Andrews
Cheryl Battan
Patrice Sullivan
Alexandra-Nicole Senyi de Nagy-Unyom
Pam Parsons
Diana Reynolds
Jennifer Longmire-Wright

FAIR Girls Silent Auction Item Donors

J. Crew
Silver Diner
Silver Restaurant
Four Seasons Hotel
Moss Opticians
Fabric Innovations
Parker Parsons
Studio Partnership Interior Design
Cynthia Padgett
Pamela VillaSanta
Artemis Design Company
Meg Carter Designs
Opus One Winery
The Peterson Companies
Diana Reynolds
Allen Woods
Abid Butt
The Capital Grille
Jennifer Donnell
Lydia Larson
Chapman Hospitality Lighting
Karen Sherman
Sleeping Beauties
Sweetside Cafe
Silent Auction Pro

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