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Crisis Response

Helping girls escape exploitation through emergency outreach, court advocacy, and supportive counseling.

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Prevention Education

Educating girls and boys in public schools on how to stay safe from exploitation.

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Giving girls a safe and therapeutic space to learn new skills, earn an income, and increase their self-esteem.

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Empowered Survivors

Supporting girls to finish school, find jobs, and become change-makers in their own lives and beyond.

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Our Mission

FAIR Girls (formerly FAIR Fund) prevents the exploitation of girls worldwide with empowerment and education. Through prevention education, compassionate care, and survivor inclusive advocacy, FAIR Girls creates opportunities for girls to become confident, happy, healthy young women. 

FAIR Girls currently operates programs in Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Russia, Uganda, and the United States. The FAIR Girls home office in Washington, D.C. offers compassionate care to prevent the exploitation of all girls, with a special emphasis on girls who have experienced homelessness, life inside the foster care system, sexual abuse, and trafficking.

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Recent News

  • 13 Jan 2013
    The Katie Show "The War on Human Trafficking"
    The Katie Show "The War on Human Trafficking"

    After growing up with a difficult home life, Asia Graves of Washington, D.C. had no choice but to turn to a pimp for survival on the streets. She is lucky to be alive today. Now, Asia is an advocate for other victims of sex trafficking, working with Andrea Powell, the founder of FAIR Girls, a non-profit that helps young women escape their pimps and find another way of life.

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  • 08 May 2012
    Keeping Up the Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking
    Keeping Up the Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking

    Yesterday, I was honored to attend the 7th Annual Pearls of Purpose Gala hosted by FAIR Girls. FAIR stands for Free, Aware, Inspired, and Restored, and it works to prevent the exploitation of girls worldwide with empowerment and education. At the gala, I spoke about the horror of child sex trafficking—a crime that President Obama and his administration have been fighting hard to end for good.

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Sex traffickers prey on homeless youth. But, girls like the girl in this video are real SURVIVORS. .@Upworthy
"You could have a girl who was born in Brooklyn, who remained within the same block, and yet, has been trafficked"
Some important #NUMBERS you should know regarding #SEXTRAFFICKING in America. #BeAware

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